A letter From Silent Heaven is a map based on Silent Hill 2 video game and if you like The Orphanage Horror, you’re going to love this one as well.

Just like Silent Hill video game storyline, in A Letter From Silent Heaven you will be playing as James Sunderland who received a letter from his wife asking to meet her in Silent Hill.

Developer: Vladimyr
Client: 1.7 above

What makes Silent Heaven special from any other horror map is that it comes with its own cut-scenes , about 17 cut-scenes are available. The map also included its own 64x texture pack, custom sound, effect, items and skins for James Sunderland.

When you first spawn you will have a picture of Mary, a map of Silent Hill and a letter from your wife. How will you survive this horror?

* No breaking/placing blocks except the green blocks
* No crafting.
* Play on EASY difficulty
* Play on fancy graphics
* Render Distance setting must be at 2 chunks.
* Music must be turned off
* Brightness needs to be set around 80%
* Make sure you are using the resource pack. Its just not playable without it.

A Letter From Silent Heaven by Vladimyr

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