Minecraft A Day In Minevill map since to be related to Freddy Pizza’s type of map, where unexpected things happens at night like being chased by a freaking scary teddy bears.

Although I said that, there’s no inclination that this is a horror map in fact this map is an adventure map .

Creator: Prammyboy
Client Version: 1.8

The story goes like this, your mom asked you to go and check at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza what time will the party started.

You being the good bro and son went as fast as you could but the guy at Freddy said you need to pick up stuff first.

Your mom left a list of stuff inside your room which you need to bring it back to Freddy. Duh.. Why didn’t she tell you that before? Now you have to run back home and do another trip to Freddy.

So you went home but when you get home.. Something went wrong..


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