9 cubes is a survival escape map where you need to find ways to escape from 9 connecting cubes with different obstacles.

Playable only on 1.9.2 and above, find resource to survive and complete a challenge of goals to clear every cubes. Ah yea.. it also bundles up as a CTM map.

Creator: VictorGP1976
Client Version: 1.9.2

Objectives to Clear
– Build a Cobblestone generator
– Build a house in at least 3 cubes
– Make all types of farms (tree farm also)
– Grow grass in all cubes
– Make a mob grinder
– Make a mob grinder in the Nether Cube
– Make an infinite water source
– Make a Village
– Expand your villagers to at least 3 cubes
– Escape from 9 Cubes and start a new life on any of the nearby islands.



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